Campus Revolutionist Program – Phase 2

Campus Revolutionist Program | Launchpad Initiative:

Last year, on the occasion of #IndependenceDay, PNAJ Innovations Inc. has announced its new #Initiative called ‘Campus Revolutionist Program’ which is running under the Launchpad. After the enormous success from Campus Revolutionist Program – Phase 1 which was held in the Year 2018-19, this year also Team comes up with Phase 2 of the Campus Revolutionist Program, for which registration will be live on 15th of August 2019. Visit the Launchpad website ( to get more details.

To find more details about the approach of Campus Revolutionist Program and achievements of Campus Revolutionists of last year, please check another article on our blog.

CRP Phase 2 Theme – Project-Based Learning

We strongly believe in ‘Cone of Experience’ defined by Edgar Dale, an American Educator, also, if we consider few quotes and thoughts on Wisdom learning of many philosophers and experts, we can summarize it in below statement,

  • 10 percent of what they READ
  • 20 percent of what they HEAR
  • 30 percent of what they SEE
  • 50 percent of what they SEE and HEAR
  • 70 percent of what they SAY and WRITE
  • 90 percent of what they DO.

Which, confirms that DO is the most powerful Learning technique to improve wisdom, that means Hands-on experience of Project, always give value to your profile and your wisdom to compete in a competitive world. In Indian Education system, you read multiple books, most of you attend classes, listens to professors, watch youtube or course animated videos on platforms provided by EdTech startups, You score well too after writing in exams, but whatever learnings you have, if you not implement in real world, if you didn’t utilize that knowledge while learning in Institutes, there might be chance to forget that wisdom after some period.

So, as per learnings from Campus Revolutionist Program – Phase 1 and researching more about Indian Students, this time theme of the Campus Revolutionist Program is ‘Project Based Learning’, cause, learning through Hands-on Project Experiences (while doing academics) can improve performance of student by THREE TIMES MORE than the normal training sessions of Institute.

Philosophy – Triple ‘E’

The base of Campus Revolutionist Program – Phase 2 also will remain the same as Last year, which is Triple ‘E’ (Engagement – Explorement – Empowerment). Each and every selected Student will get the tag of Campus Revolutionist and he/she will go through these 3 phases, each phase has a specific purpose, which you can find in below Image.

PNAJ Innovations Inc. strongly believes in pillars of Design Mindset, Leadership, Engineering/ Operations and Management, and this Triple ‘E’ Philosophy is base of all these pillars.

  • Engagement is Phase, where Student will Empathize and connect with all the Stakeholders of the Projects and Experts.
  •  Explorement is Phase, where Student will explore themselves, their skills, their interests and the ideas for Projects.
  • Empowerment is the last Phase, where Student can see the Improvement in terms of Skills, their mindset at an overall level.

For more details, please look through another article on Triple ‘E’ Philosophy soon.

Program Fee & Charges

Zero Charges, yes, we are not charging anything for this program. There are no hidden fee structure and charges in any phase of the Campus Revolutionist Program – Phase 2. It’s a Free program created for the Student.

How to be part of the Campus Revolutionist Program – Phase 2?

  • Go through the Terms & Conditions of the Campus Revolutionist Program.
  • Apply for CRP-II by filling Registration Form, which will be available on our Social media on 15th August 2019.
  • Submit 2 Min. Pitch Video stating, ‘Why you want to be part of Campus Revolutionist Program – Phase 2?
  • Get interviewed by the PNAJ Innovations Officials for your interesting Projects.
  • After Selection, accept the Offer by signing the Agreement with PNAJ Innovations Inc.
  • You ready to work for your Passion under Experienced Support.

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Even you can give ring on +91 8600305712

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