PEM to PPK SSH Key Conversion on Linux or Windows

This article is dedicated to newbies in Cloud Domain, as well as who is going to work with Linux machines. A basic conversation of SSH Private key from PEM to PPK is many time required when users work on Windows and Linux platform together. This article will give you simple steps to convert PEM SSH key to PPK SSH key using the Windows as well as using the Linux machine. Linux system basically supports to PEM SSH Keys to connect any Linux Machine whereas on Windows Machine when we use PuTTY Tool we required a PPK SSH Key to Connect same Linux Machine.

PEM to PPK SSH key conversion using Linux Operating System.

Linux commands are the easiest method to convert PEM key to PPK key.

  • Install the PuTTY tools, if you don’t have on Linux using the following command.
sudo apt-get install putty-tools
  • Browse to the location where PEM file exists and run the following command to generate PPK file.
puttygen source_pem_ssh_key.pem -o output_ppk_ssh_key.ppk


PEM to PPK SSH key conversion using Windows Operating System.

Windows does support commands but sometimes Graphical UI is simpler than Commands. Here we are going to use PuTTY Tool to convert the PEM key to PPK key.

  • Install PuTTY Tool from – – this location.
  • Open PuTTYGen Software and Load the PEM Key into PuTTY Key Generator Tool.

  • It will popup the window as it PEM Key is loaded. Click on Ok.

  • Now key is loaded into PuTTY Key Generator Tool. Now click on Save Private Key. It will show one more popup, as we are going to save Private key without PassPhrase i.e. Password. Just click Yes button and Save the key on any location.

  • Your key is converted into PPK format and now you can use it in PuTTY tool to connect any Linux machine over SSH using PuTTY tool.


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