Campus Revolutionist Program

Brief about PNAJ Innovations Private Limited,
PNAJ Innovations Inc. take INITIATIVE to reach till Masses, apply most successful DESIGN THINKING mindset with some Research Techniques and understand Problem Areas faced by the people from the Society, and with help of TECHNOLOGY, we come up with the Innovation either in Product Based or Service Based to tackle the real-time problem, and here we create Value for the people of the Society to live life happily.

Brief about Launchpad | The new Initiative:
The Launchpad is an Initiative of PNAJ Innovations Private Limited. Under Launchpad, PNAJ Innovations create value to the lives of the society through contributions of Student’s skills in terms of Innovative Products and Services, where PNAJ Innovations Team plays role of the Mentor, work with every individual student to bring their idea from Masses to Global Market as Innovative Product or Service, with help of following actions

  • Building Design Mindset among Students
  • Mentoring on Technology Learning and Implementation
  • Initiating market for them to Launch Student’s creation
  • Branding support for Student’s creation

Three phases of Campus Revolutionist Program

Campus Revolutionist Program | Launchpad Initiative:
On the occasion of #IndependenceDay, PNAJ Innovations Inc. announced their new #Initiative called ‘Campus Revolutionist Program’ which is running under the Launchpad. Campus Revolutionist Program is currently live, visit Launchpad website ( to get more details.

The EEE is the base of Campus Revolutionist Program. Engagement, Explorement and Empowerment through these three phases student will go one by one. Each phase has a specific purpose. Engagement is to connect with the Students, Explorement is to know the student and Empowerment is to build the Student.

Campus Revolutionist Program is the platform for Students, to Launch their Young Creative Minds in the Market, and to get the support from the experts to implement their own ideas, which will create value to the lives of the society through contributions of Student’s skills through their innovations and at the same time to fulfill Dreams of every individual student, which is also the main motto of the #Launchpad under #PNAJInnovations.

Students and Campus Revolutionist Program
Campus Revolutionist Program powered by PNAJ Innovations Inc., is the unique program starting in the world, where Student will get all type of support from experienced professional to implement their thoughts and ideas in real world, which will give proper guidance and direction to comprehend their Dream and Passion to revolutionize the Campus mindset with their creations, which results in many perks in terms of Satisfaction majorly. And, as per Human Psychology, every individual performance is at par, when they work for their passion and to achieve dreams, So, if you wish to work for your Passion and Dreams, Campus Revolutionist Program is for you.

Program Fee & Charges

Zero Charges, yes, we are not charging anything for this program. There are no hidden fee structure and charges in any phase of the Campus Revolutionist Program. It’s a Free program created for the Student.

How to be part of the Campus Revolutionist Program?

  • Go through the Terms & Conditions of the Campus Revolutionist Program.
  • Apply for the program by filling Registration Form.
  • Submit Pitch Video stating, ‘Why you want to part of Campus Revolutionist Program, by PNAJ Innovations Inc.?’
  • Engage with the PNAJ Innovations Officials in further Rounds to explore more about yourself.
  • Accept the Offer by signing the Agreement with PNAJ Innovations Inc.
  • You ready to Work for your Passion under Experienced Support.

Early Birds, who will register for the program before 25th August, will be given priority.  So, Hurry up and register for the event.

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